Swiss Time finds its roots in the diverse culture and heritage of the land, renowned for setting the standards of elite living with harmony and élan. Thus, our works incorporate a perfect blend of hand-crafted Swiss watch-making tradition with the requisite modern techniques to live up to the quintessentially Swiss legacy, glamour and exquisiteness.

The design and craftsmanship in our timepieces is openly inspired by the momentous purity and the greatness of the ‘Alps’ ranges themselves. Combining the engineering wonders with profound aesthetics, style and splendour, we aspire to bring out the elemental charm of the land. As the ‘Watchmakers’ we celebrate the originality in each individual and the innate need to express freely, boundlessly in this chaotic terrain.

An epitome of Haute Couture, Swiss Time brings you a wide array of exclusive watches -asserting your personality with a distinct style statement. With the passing years , our brand has become synonymous to self-expression- dynamic yet down-to-earth. Maintaining the right balance between the traditional, modern and the contemporary, the unique watches reflect brilliance along with luxury. That’s Swiss Time- Suave, Sexy and Stylish